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Holley 2140 & 4000 Float

Holley 4000 Float Level
The float gauge is not available. Measure 1/4″ from the to of the float bowl (without gasket) to the top of the float.
Holley 4000 Float Assembly

Tilt the main body slightly to keep the fuel inlet needle from falling out of its seat. Care­fully place the float assembly and float spring in the fuel bowl. To install the float and float spring in the main body, insert the long end of the float spring into the small hole in the float lever. Hold­ing the spring with the index finger, ease the float into the bowl and slip the spring over the boss at the bottom of the fuel bowl. Install the new float shaft and fit the fuel inlet needle clip over the float tab.

Holley 4000 Float Spring
Updated on 10/04/2021

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