Autolite 4100 Exploded View

Autolite 4100 Carburetor
1 Retainer Choke Rod40 Pump Cover Screw & Lockwasher
2 Air Cleaner Stud41 Pump Cover & Lever Assy
3 Bowl Cover Screw42 Pump Diaphragm Assy NON 1957
4 Bowl Cover43 Pump Diaphragm Return Spring
5 Bowl Cover Gasket44 Pump Cavity Filler
6 Pump Discharge Nozzle Screw45 Economizer Valve Cover Screw
7 Pump Discharge Gasket46 Economizer Valve Cover
7A Pump Discharge Plate (late 1964-65)47 Economizer Valve Cover Gasket
8 Discharge Charge Check Ball Weight48 Economizer Valve
9 Discharge Check Ball49 Economizer Valve Gasket
10 Venturi Cluster50 Idle Adjusting Needles
11 Venturi Cluster Gasket51 Idle Adjusting Springs
12 Float Pin Retainer52 Fuel Filter Fitting
13 Float Damper Spring53 Inlet Fitting Gasket
14 Float Pin54 Fuel Filter Screen
15 Float55 Pump Cover & Lever 1957
16 Needle & Seat56 Ball Pump Rod Sleeve 1957
17 Main Jets57 Pump Push Rod Sleeve 1957
18 Air Shield Screw58 Pump Push Rod Spring 1957
19 Air Shield59 Pump Diaphragm 1957
20 Thermostat Screw60 Pump Diaphragm Return Spring 1957
21 Stat Cover Clamp61 Pump Cover & Lever Assy
22 Stat Cover & Spring *162 Pump Diaphragm Assy
23 Stat Cover Gasket63 Pump Diaphragm Return Spring
24 Choke Baffle Plate64 Pump Inlet Check Valve
25 Fast Idle Rod Retainer65 Pump Diaphragm Push Rod
26 Fast Idle Rod Upper Washer66 Equalizer Passage Baffle
27 Fast Idle Rod Lower Retainer67 Secondary Cluster Screw
28 Fast Idle Rod68 Secondary Throttle Rod Retainer
29 Choke Housing Screw & Lockwasher69 Secondary Throttle Rod
30 Choke Housing70 Secondary Diaphragm Cover Screw
31 Choke Housing Gasket71 Secondary Diaphragm Cover
32 Dashpot Locknut72 Secondary Diaphragm Spring
33 Dashpot73 Secondary Diaphragm Replaces male & female type *2
34 Dashpot Bracket74 Hot Idle Compensator Valve Screw
35 Inlet Check Ball Retainer Screw75 Hot Idle Compensator Valve
36 Inlet Check Ball Screw Gasket76 Hot Idle Compensator Valve Gasket
37 Pump Inlet Check Ball77 Magnet & Bracket
38 Pump Rod RetainerComplete Carb Kit
39 Pump RodRebuild Manual
Throttle Shaft Screw

*1 We carry 2 different electric choke conversion kits for the 4100 depending on what the center post is like.

No spring on post

Spring on post

*2 – With our secondary diaphragm you don’t have to worry about which one you have. The kit converts whatever you have to one.

Autolite 4100 4 Barrel Carburetor Parts

Updated on 04/13/2022

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