Holley 4180 Choke


Holley 4180 4 Barrel Carburetor

The above shows clear steps in out to adjust your thermostat, but what if the thermostat doesn’t use index marks.

My prefered method of adjusting the choke:

  • Loosen the 3 screws enough to allow the thermostat to be turned.
  • Hold the throttle open a bit so the fast idle doesn’t impede the choke.
  • Twist the thermostat closing the choke.
  • When the choke valve closes turn about 1/8″ more to give it some preload.
  • Now start the engine and make sure the choke is opening. After it is warmed up, maybe 20 minutes, the choke valve should be opened fully.
Updated on 12/20/2020

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