Solex 44PA1 Idle Circuit


The idle mixture should be adjusted with the engine at operating temperature and at idle RPM.

  • Engine off turn idle mixture screw until it bottoms (gently).
  • Turn the screw out 2 turns.
  • Start the engine
  • Turn the screw in 1/4 of a turn and wait for a second so that the engine catches up.
  • When the engine RPM starts to drop, turn the screw back out 1/4 turn.

Multiple Solex 44PA1 carburetors are a bit harder to do. There is a tool for synchronizing the carburetors, but you probably won’t have one and I’ll bet they aren’t available anymore. Anyhow adjust these as stated above. Just listen to each carburetor as you adjust and you will get there.

Updated on 12/14/2020

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