Rochester B Float System

Rochester 1 Barrel Float

The float controls the float level in the Rochester 1 barrel carburetor. The float has 2 pontoons which sits on both sides of the float bowl.

A needle valve is used to turn the gas on and off as needed. As the gas level drops so does the float allowing the needle to also drop and allows gas to flow into the bowl. When the float bowl gets to the prescribed level, the needle is seated into the seat cutting off the fuel.

Post 1950’s 1 barrel carburetors included a filter in the inlet. This can be a 1″ bronze, or 1″ paper.

Rochester B Float Drop
Use measurement from you specification sheet.

Float level and float drop specification are different depending on application so we do not give a measurement here. Some can be found on this page. Rochester B Specifications

30D53 Bronze
30D59 Paper
FL1 Float
Rochester B Float Level
Updated on 10/31/2021

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