BBD Identification

Air Bled & Solid Fuel

Air Bled

The air bled circuit used prior to 197 4 has an emulsion tube or vent tube that extends downward into the high speed well. This tube mixes air with the fuel before it leaves the high speed well. The air bled design always uses “down hill” nozzles. The air bleed in the high speed circuit also serve as-an anti-percolator passage.

Carter Air Bled

Solid Fuel

The solid fuel design, 1974 and ‘later, takes solid fuel from the high speed well and bleeds air into the circuit at the top through the extended vent tubes located in the cluster, closer to the tip of the nozzle. The solid fuel design always uses “uphill” nozzles and gives a closer calibration to meet the emission standards and also serves as an anti-percolator passage.

Carter BBD Solid Fuel
Updated on 04/13/2022

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