Brass Fittings

Do you have brass fittings?

Yes, they are all available here.

Can you tell me which fitting I need?

Rarely. Most fittings have to be matched to the existing fitting or inlet by comparing thread diameter and size. You can find the most common fittings for a particular carburetor model by looking under the carb model heading here

Do you have gaskets for the fittings?

Yes, a large selection. Many of our fittings include the gaskets, but they can be purchased individually.

GK100 is an assortment set which covers many fittings

 .855″ 1.060″
 .875″ 1.032″
 .518″ .690″
 .875″ 1.062″
 .889″ 1.063″
 .782″ .930
 .410″ .645″
Updated on 11/30/2021

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