Carter BBS 1 Barrel Float

Carter BBS Float Level Adjustment

BBS Float Level

This adjustment must be made with the bowl cover gasket and float pin retainer removed. Hold the lip on float arm against the seated intake needle, making sure the float pin is at the bottom of its guide slots. Be careful not to put any pressure on the needle. The Viton tip can be easily damaged. The distance (A) from the top surface of the body casting to the top of each float should be as indicated on your rebuild specification sheet . Chances are, the illustrated gauge is not available. Use a metal ruler instead. If one float is lower than the other, equalize by bending the float arm. If both floats require the same correction, adjust by bending lip on float arm. The floats must not rub anywhere against the inner walls of the bowl. If necessary, bend float arms slightly to provide clearance on all sides of floats.

1954 Dodge float level: 7/32″

Don’t forget to test your float for leaks by immersing in hot water and looking for bubbles.

Updated on 12/05/2020

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