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Carter Thermoquad, TQ Identification

Carter Thermoquad Carburetor Manual

The carburetor number can be found stamped on the mounting flange face. Numbers like 6-2124 are casting numbers and do not equate to a carburetor number.

Glue the inserts using: plastic steel made by Devcon


To get the correct parts for your Carter TQ (Thermoquad), you need to match the carburetor number, which is found at the lower left. There will be 4 digits followed by an ‘S’. SA, SB, SC, etc are treated the same in regard to our TQ parts.

Carter Thermoquad Carburetor Identification
Carburetor Number
Thermoquad Kits
Carter Thermoquad Accelerator Pump
TQ Accelerator Pump

4846s – 850 CFM
4847s – 1000 CFM

4846SA & 4847SA – The 4846S & 4847S used pressed in jets, which usually cannot be re-used. The revision SA featured a replaceable screw in main jet.

Updated on 01/01/2022

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