Carter UT Universal Carburetor

Ferguson Tractor Carter UT Universal Carburetor

Carburetor numbers: 800S, 800SA, 801S, 801SA, 802S, 802SA, 803S, 803SA, 2726S, 2727S, 2728S, 2729S

Low Speed Circuit
UT CarburetorFuel for idle and low speed operation is drawn from the fuel bowl (A), through fuel passage (B), past main metering jet (C), up channel and through idle jet (D) and is mixed with air from idle air bleed (E). This relatively rich mixture passes through the economizer (F). Part of it then passes into the carburetor bore through idle port (G) and the balance enters the bore past the idle adjustment screw (H). Clockwise rotation of the idle adjustment screw, which controls the amount of uel air mixture, leans the mixture, while turning the screw counterclockwise richens it. Do not attettempt to remove the idle air bleed (E) and economizer (F).
High Speed Circuit

UT Carburetor

The main metering jet (C) supplies the amount of fuel required for high speed operation. As the carburetor throttle valve (J) is opened (beyond idle speed requirements), high velocity air passing through the carburetor throat creates a suction at the main nozzle outlet. This causes fuel to flow from the fuel bowl, through main metering jet (C) where it mixes with air from the nozzle bleed (K). This fuel air mixture passes through main nozzle (L) and into the air stream at the carburetor throat. Clockwise adjustment of the main metering screw (M), which controls the amount of fuel, leans the mixture. Maximum mixture is usually obtained with three turns open. Do not attempt to remove nozzle bleed (K).
Dimensions: ,
Flange Size: (800S, SA 801S, SA) 1″, (802S, SA, 803S, SA, 2728S, 2729S) 3/4″

Throttle Bore: 1 1/16″
Main Venturi: (801S, SA, 803S, SA, 2727S, 2729S) 21/32″, (800S, SA, 802S, SA, 2726S, 2728S) 23/32″

Float Setting: 11/64″

Float adjustment: With throttle body inverted and gasket removed, there should be (the clearance indicated above) between machined surface of throttle body and seam of float. Measure both sides and make them the same.

UT Float Setting

Idle Adjustment: Set throttle lever adjusting screw until motor runs approximately 400 RPM. Then set idle adjustment screw for highest steady vacuum gauge reading or smoothest engine operation. Correct setting will be found between 1/4 to 1 1/2 turns open.
Main Metering Jet: Adjustable, maximum mixture usually obtained with 3 turns open.
Exploded View
1A-48 Flange gasket 58-80 Venturi (801S-SA, 803S-SA)
2-131 Throttle screw 61-84 Idle adjustment screw spring
3-710S Throttle shaft & dog assembly (800S-SA, 801S,SA, 802S-SA, 803S-SA) 61-369 Choke shaft spring (800SA, 801SA, 802SA, 803SA, 2726S, 2627S, 2628S, 2629S)
3-1183S Throttle shaft & dog assembly (2726S, 2727S, 2728S, 2729S) 61-421 Choke lever spring
4-586S Throttle lever assembly 62-174S Choke tube bracket assembly
7-160S Choke valve assembly (800S-SA, 801S,SA, 802S-SA, 803S-SA) 71A-19 Flange stud
7-175S Choke valve assembly (2726S, 2727S, 2728S, 2729S) 86-12 Lock washer
11-208S Low speed jet assembly 101-12 Clamp screw
11B-41 Rivet plug (800S-SA, 801S,SA, 802S-SA, 803S-SA) 101-19 Choke lever screw
11B-42 Rivet plug (800S-SA, 801S,SA, 802S-SA, 803S-SA) 101-160S Body attaching screw and washer
11B-108 Idle port rivet plug (800S-SA, 801S,SA, 802S-SA, 803S-SA) 101-246 Throttle adjusting screw
11B-194 Screw plug 103-14 Lead shot (2726S, 2727S, 2728S, 2729S)
11B-296 Idle port rivet plug (2726S, 2727S, 2728S, 2729S) 103-16 Lead shot (2726S, 2727S, 2728S, 2729S)
12-336S Nozzle assembly 105-12 Tube clamp screw
13-122 Choke shaft 105A-10 Tube clamp nut
14-417S Choke lever 105A-11 Flange nut
20-22 Needle seat & nozzle gasket 105A-24 Throttle lever ball swivel nut
20-123 Needle seat gasket 106-9 Cotter pin
21-121S Float and lever assembly (800S-SA, 801S-SA, 802S-SA, 803S-SA) 108-41 Throttle lever ball swivel
21-164S Float and lever assembly (2726S, 2727S, 2728S, 2729S) 108-51 Throttle lever swivel
24-15 Float lever pin 116-16 Choke shaft ball
25-33S Needle & seat (800S-SA, 801S-SA, 802S-SA, 803S-SA) 121-156 Body gasket
25-330S Needle & seat (2726S, 2727S, 2728S, 2729S) 121-266 Body gasket
30A-37 Idle adjustment screw 136-130 Air horn dust seal retainer
32-13 Main metering screw gasket 136-131 Choke and throttle shaft dust seal retainer
39-10 Throttle and choke valve attaching screw 136-143 Swivel retainer washer
50-12 Drain cock 159-131S Adjustable main metering screw and needle assembly
51-46 Throttle shaft collar 163-21 Choke and throttle shaft dust seal
58-79 Venturi (800S-SA, 802S-SA) 163-52 Air horn drain felt
163-53 Main metering screw packing
Updated on 04/13/2022

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