Carter WD-0 2 Barrel Float

Carter WD0 2 Barrel Carburetor Float Circuit
Carter WDOThe float circuit controls the height of the gasoline level in the fuel bowl. A fuel level too high, or too low will cause problems in other circuits, making some problems hard to trace.

The float circuit consists of gasoline pressure (fuel pump), needle valve, seat and gasket, float, float bowl, float bowl cover, bowl cover gasket and vent hole.

The float bowl acts as a reservoir to hold a supply of gasoline throughout the entire range of performance of the motor. The level of gasoline in the bowl is controlled by a combination of all the parts as illustrated.

WD0 Float LevelThe float level should always be checked when the carburetor is being worked on as wear in the carburetor results in a raised float level.

Remove the bowl cover and turn it upside down. Remove the gasket. Measure the level from the machined surface to the bottom of the float. The illustration shows a gauge, but these are not available so we use a simple measuring stick, or steel ruler. Check both ends of the float in case it is twisted.

If the float leve is too high place a finger under the float to raise it from contact with the needle (presure on the needle can damage it) and then press down on the float leverl lip with a screw driver. Bend a small amount at a time. Do not use pliers as this can straighten the tang causing the float needle to bind.

Updated on 12/08/2020

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