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Carter YF & YFA Metering Rod Adjustment

Late Model YFA (aluminum base)

YFA Metering Rod
  • Most YFA carburetors would have the star type of adjusting screw. This adjustment is important and should be performed anytime the carburetor is rebuilt, or the metering rod replaced.
  • Remove the carburetor. We do not recommend working on your carburetor while on the car. This would chance dropping something into the engine.
  • Back out the idle screw until the throttle plate is completely closed.
  • Bottom the diaphragm by pressing down on the diaphragm shaft.
  • The metering rod should contact the bottom of the well.
  • For models with an adjusting screw, turn the screw until the metering rod bottoms in the well.
  • Turn the screw one more turn.
  • For models without an adjusting screw bend the lever the metering rod is attached to until the rod bottoms out.

YF Metering Rod This cutaway view should give you a better idea of what the metering rod system looks like. Disregard the TOOL as pictured. The tool has been out of production for many years. Use the instructions above.

Here is another illustration

YF metering rod


Watch a video about adjusting the metering rod on a YFA type.

Updated on 12/10/2020

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