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Electric Choke Conversion Kits

Which conversion kit do I need?

Choke conversion kits are matched by original application, start with the application catalog here and select the ‘Electric Choke Kits’ sub-category at the top of the page.

My carburetor or manifold isn’t original, or I don’t know if it’s original. Can you still recommend a kit?

We can make a recommendation based on the application, or by comparing the existing. We cannot guarantee fitment. With integrated chokes typically matching by comparing the existing will do the trick. Divorced choke conversions mount to the manifold and use a rod to connect to the carb, there is no way to know for sure if it’ll fit correctly without trying it.

Can I replace my divorced choke?

Yes, conversion kits are available for divorced and integrated choke.

My replacement manifold does not have a spot for my divorced choke to mount, can I use an electric choke conversion?

No. The mechanism for the conversion kits on divorced choke set-ups still mount to the manifold using the bolt holes for the original divorced choke.

Do you have a conversion kit for manual chokes?

No, we are unable to provide an electric choke conversion for an OE manual choke.

What kind of power source do the conversion kits need?

All of our conversion kits require a key-on 12v power source.

What is the black box in the kit?

This is a temperature sensor. It gets mounted under an existing engine bolt and helps regulate the opening and closing of the choke.

Updated on 04/15/2021

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