Dies When Turning or Stopping (Autolite 1100)

My autolite 1100 shuts down when making a sharp right turn, as if the gas shuts off and the engine dies. Can you help with a solution?

The carb had a vent push rod that was actuated by the accelerator pump diaphram arm. The vent is open at rest or idle & closed when throttling up or driving. During its life rebuilders redesigned the carb & eliminated the vent push rod. I prefer the rod be there myself. The vent opening inside the air horn is on the opposite side from the pump diaphram. On hard turns to one side it could slosh fuel from vent tube down the venturi.

Recomend you also check float level (1″ for nitrophyl float and 1 3/32″ for brass float) and maybe lower it a small amount. If you have a rubber (nitrophyl) float we recommend replacing it with a brass float. The nitrophyl floats should weight under 10 grams.

Updated on 04/27/2022

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