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Discounts / Free Shipping / Coupon Codes

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, free shipping is offered on all US orders over $100.

We do not offer free shipping on international orders

Do you offer a discount?

Rebuilders, automotive shops, mechanics, ect will receive a 12% discount.

  • Prior to placing your first order please call or email us with your: name, billing/shipping address, phone number and email.
  • We will set up an account for you and provide login information.
  • All orders placed while logged into your account will automatically receive the discount at checkout.

Do you have coupon codes? or I found a couple code online, why isn’t it working?

We do not offer coupon codes and haven’t for many years. There are many sites that post fraudulent coupon information, if you come across one of these, please be aware this is not our infomation, nor can we control other people posting them.

Updated on 04/28/2021

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