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Ferguson Tractor TO-35, F-40, MH-50, MHF-302

Ferguson Tractor TO-35, F-40, MH-50, MHF-202
Carter UT Updraft Carburetor 2612S
Flange Size: 1″
Throttle Bore: 1 1/16″
Main Venturi: 13/16″
Jet, plug in fange body: .035″
Jet, lower bleed: .040″
Jet, Upper bleed: .035″
Economizer: .040″

Idle Adjustment Screw 1/4 – 1 1/4 turns open. For richer mixture, turn screw out. Engine idle 450 +.
High Speed Adjustment Screw 3/4″ to 1 1/2 turns open.

Float Setting: 11/64″. With throttle body inverted and gasket removed, measure 11/64″ between machined surface o fthrottle body and seam of float (both sides). To adjust, bend lip on float lever. Be careful not to put presser on the needle.

High Speed Adjustment: With hand throttle wide open and engine operating 2000 RPM, adjust high speed needle until smoothest engine operation is obtained. This setting will be found between 3/4 to 1 1/2 turns open.

Ferguson Tractor
Marel Schebler
1-147S Throttle Body Assembly 39-10 Choke & Throttle Valve Attaching Screw
1A-48 Flange Gasket 47-26 Welsh Plug
2-154 Throttle Valve 61-84 Idle Adjustment Screw Spring
3-1157S Throttle Shaft & Lever Assembly 61-537 Choke Lever Spring
7-205S Choke Valve Assembly 61-567 Float Lever Bracket Spring
11B-79 Rivet Plug 101-160S Body Attaching Screw & Washer Assembly
11B-194 Bowl Drain Plug 101-340 Throttle Adjusting Screw
11B-296 Idle Port Rivet Plug 103-14 Lead Shot (late prod)
12-496S Nozzle Assembly 120-189 Metering Jet
14-500S Choke Shaft and Lever Assembly 121-304 Body Gasket
15A-13 High Soeed Needle Packing Nut 136-131 Air Horn, Choke & Throttle Shaft Dust Seal Retainer
20-22 Nozzle Gasket 136-181 High Speed Adjusting Screw Washer
20-123 Needle Seat Gasket 156-93S Elbow & Strainer Assembly
21-164S Float and Lever Assembly 163-21 Choke & Throttle Shaft Dust Seal
24-15 Float Lever Pin 163-62 Air Horn Seal
25-284S Needle & Seat Assembly 163-63 Main Metering Screw Packing
30A-37 Idle Adjustment Screw
37-61S High Speed Adjusting Needle Assembly
Updated on 12/08/2020

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