Hesitates or Bogs When Stepping On Gas (Autolite 1100)

I have a 65 mustang 6 cyl 200. I replaced the carburetor, and the modulator valve. Also installed electric pickup (removed points). The problem is after it’s hot and sets turned off for a few mins it stalls when select to drive or reverse. Does not want to take gas. The engine is original never rebuilt with 88K mi. Any suggestion as to what I’m missing or adjustments to look at.

The basic answer is that the carb has a lean spot. You’ll have to investigate to figure out why.

  • Fuel level in bowl too low to allow accelerator pump to “draw” from the bowl (usually due to the misconception that setting the float lower than specified will “stop the carb from flooding”)
  • Accelerator pump leaking externally due to warpage in pump cover
  • Incorrect size check balls (or correct size balls not seated properly) in accelerator pump intake and discharge positions
  • Incorrect jets
Updated on 04/27/2022

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