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Hesitation or Bog on Acceleration (Aisan)

When you step on the gas and get as stumble or hesitation it’s typically caused from a lean fuel condition.

Most likely causes:

  • accelerator pump plunger is adjusted wrong or needs to be replaced
  • throttle cable is out of adjustment (we do not have any adjustment info for the throttle cable)

Other possibilies:

  • pump jet clogged
  • high-speed valve improperly adjusted
  • discharge check valves (weights) out-of-round or seat worn
  • accelerator pump linkage defective or worn
  • power piston sticking or worn
  • power valve not seating properly, spring worn, or power jet clogged
  • reloader out of adjustment
  • float level too low
  • throttle valve misadjusted
Updated on 04/26/2022

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