Holley 1920 1 Barrel Float

Holley 1920 Floats

Holley 1920 Float

The 1920 carburetor used 2 different floats through the years and neither one is manufactured any more. We do find new floats from time to time so check our 1920 catalog. The 1920 float was a Nitrophyl float and over time these floats will absorb fuel and the only way to test your float is to weigh it. We have grouped the carburetor numbers below to each weight and they do differ quite a bit. Floats are weight in grams and since these are very hard to find, you can fudge to the upside 1 to 2 grams and then compensate by adjusting the float 1/32″ lower.

The float bumper spring is used to take the bounce out of the float. Good to have, but worst case, you can use the carburetor without it.
Most flooding situations are caused by the needle & seat. Test before assembly.

Holley 1920 Float

This group of carburetor number should weigh in at 12.5 grams.
R-6319A R-2647-1A R-2647A R-2651-1A R-2651A R-3117-1A R-3117A R-3615-2A R-3975AAS R-6266A R-6286A R-2136A R-2303A R-2416A R-2417A R-2418A R-2419A R-2500-1AAS R-2500AAS R-2533A R-2534A R-2535A R-2536A R-2537A R-2765A R-2766A R-2767A R-2768A R-2769A R-2770A

This group of carburetor numbers should weigh in at 7.5 grams.

R-3993-2A R-4405-1A R-4405A R-4487-1A R-4510A R-4542A R-4591-1A R-4591A R-8592A R-4594-1A R-4594-2A R-4595-1A R-4595-2A R-3993-1A R-3993A R-4405AAS R-4487A R-4510A R-7748A R-7864A R-4165AAS R-3228-3AAS R-3271-1A R-3397-1A R-3397A R-3924-1AAS R-3924-2A R-3924-2AAS R-3924AAS R-3982-1A R-3982-1AAS R-3982-2A R-3982A R-3982AAS R-3983-1A R-3983-1AAS R-3983A R-3983AAS R-3984-1A R-3984-1AAS R-3984-2A R-3984A R-3984AAS R-3985AAS R-4012AAS R-4013AAS R-4355AAS R-4356AAS R-4357AAS R-4358AAS R-4359AAS R-4362AAS R-4414-1AAS R-4414AAS R-4416AAS R-4655AAS R-4656AAS R-4659AAS R-4712-1AAA R-4751AAS R-4755AAS R-4756AAS R-6159A R-6202A R-6202AAS R-6876A R-7249A R-7250A R-7583A R-7584A R-7587A R-7747A R-7747AAA R-8213A R-8311A R-8388A R-8400A R-8401A R-8404A R-8405A R-8406A R-8407A R-6153AAS R-6154AAS R-6155AAS R-6156AAS R-6363AAS R-6364AAS R-6365AAS R-6366AAS R-6448AAS R-6595AAS R-6596AAS R-6756A R-7585A R-7585AAA R-7586A R-7586AAA R-4351A R-4351AAS R-4352A R-4352AAS R-4353A R-4353AAS R-4354A R-4354AAS R-4355A R-4356A R-4357A R-4358A R-4359A R-4361A R-4362A R-4363A R-4363AAS R-4641A R-4642A R-4655A R-4656A R-4657A R-4658A R-4659A R-4750A R-4751A R-4755A R-4756A R-6482AAA R-6483-1AAA R-6483AAA R-6153A R-6154-1A R-6154A R-6155A R-6156A R-6363A R-6364A R-6365A R-6366A R-4161-1A R-4161A R-4161AAS R-4162A R-4162AAS R-4163-1A R-4163A R-4163AAS R-4164A R-4164AAS R-4165A R-4192A R-4192AAS R-4193A R-4193AAS R-4194-1A R-4194A R-4194AAS R-4195A R-4195AAS R-2997A R-2998A R-2998AAS R-2999A R-3053-1AAS R-3053A R-3054A R-3057A R-3058A R-3059A R-3060A R-3152A R-3225AAS R-3226-1A R-3226-1AAS R-3226-2A R-3226-3AAS R-3226A R-3227-1A R-3227-1AAS R-3227-2A R-3227A R-3228-1A R-3228-1AAS R-3228-2A R-3228A R-3229-1A R-3229-1AAS R-3229-2A R-3229A R-3271-1AAS R-3271A R-3272-1A R-3272A R-3273-1A R-3273-1AAS R-3273-2A R-3273A R-3274-1A R-3274-1AAS R-3274-2A R-3274A R-3275-1A R-3275-1AAS R-3275A R-3276-1A R-3276A R-3277-1A R-3277-1AAS R-3277A R-3278-1A R-3278-1AAS R-3278A R-3279-1A R-3279-1AAS R-3279A R-3280-1A R-3280A R-3281-1A R-3281-1AAS R-3281A R-3282-1A R-3282-1AAS R-3282-2A R-3282A R-3398-1A R-3398-1AAS R-3398A R-3399-1A R-3399-1AAS R-3399A R-3446A R-3446AAS R-3671-1AAS R-3671A R-3671AAS R-3672-1AAS R-3672A R-3672AAS R-3673A R-3673AAS R-3674A R-3674AAS R-3919-1A R-3919-1AAS R-3919-2A R-3919-2AAS R-3919-3AAS R-3919A R-3920-1A R-3920-1AAS R-3920-2A R-3920-2AAS R-3920A R-3921-1A R-3921-1AAS R-3921-2A R-3921-2AAS R-3921-3AAS R-3921A R-3922-1A R-3922-1AAS R-3922-2A R-3922-2AAS R-3922A R-3924-1A R-3924A R-3985-1A R-3985-1AAS R-3985A R-4712AAA R-4712AAS R-6260-1AAA R-6260-2AAA R-6260AAA R-8403A R-6371A R-6371AAS R-6372A R-6372AAS R-6401A R-6401AAS R-6402A R-6402AAS R-6447A R-6448A R-6449A R-6450A R-6553A R-6554A R-6593A R-6594A R-6594AR R-6595A R-6596A R-7031AAA

Updated on 12/10/2020

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