Holley 94, 2100, 2110 Specifications

Maximum fuel pump pressure 4.5 lbs.

Check Ball

A check ball should be installed in the accelerator pump well. Uses a 1/8″ 90-21.

Interchangeable Parts Between Carburetor

Numbers Parts for the R-1157-1A & R-1157A are interchangeable.R-1158A – R-1157A All except the throttle body.

R-1158-1A – R-1157A All except the throttle body.

R-1284AAS – R-1157A All except the throttle body and the float bowl.

The Holley R-713 AAS was used as a replacement that fit all 1934-53 8
cyl fords & 1939-48 Mercury’s.

Power Valve

For dual, or triple carburetor setups be sure to match the carburetors. The Holley 94 uses a power valve, which normally runs at 7.6HG. When running 2 or 3 carburetors you will need to reduce the size, or you will get too much gas at power. Typically on a tri-power this is done by changing the 7.6 power valves out in all three carburetors for 2.5 or 3.0 valves.

Float Level Adjustment

Holley 94 float level setting.
Holley 94 – Use AA-1, 2100 Setting
Updated on 05/31/2022

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