How To Rebuild Autolite 4100

You can get more detailed information about rebuilding the 4100 with our 4100 eBook.

4100 Rebuild

Watch a video about rebuilding your 4100. This video illustrates dis-assembly and assembly with tips along the way. 


You can use almost any carburetor cleaner dip found at most part stores. Be sure to follow the directions so that you don’t damage the carburetor finish. There are some products that let you leave it overnight, others you cannot. Mineral spirits can also be used using a 3-4 hour time period should work with mineral spirits.

Using a tooth brush scrub the parts that are blackened, or just plain dirty. I spray Super Clean (purple bottle) on the bad spots, which does a great job of cleaning. Super Clean will discolor your carburetor if you try soaking your carburetor in this stuff for more than 1 hour.

After dipping, wash with hot water so that all chemicals are removed.

Don’t bead blast your carburetor unless you have a way to shake out all of the beads. Air won’t do it. We sometimes use soda blasting which works great if you have access to it. Soak the carburetor and flush well to be sure all of the soda is removed after blasting.

We used to recommend against using thin wire to clean out passages, but with the ethanol that we now have it is a must. Ethanol will leave corrosion deposits behind that air and cleaners just don’t get clean. We now recommend using thin wire to run down all of the small passages. Just be careful you don’t enlarge the holes.

After using the wire, blow out all of the passages again.

Seems like a lot of detailed cleaning, which it is, but most problems after a rebuild occur because something is blocked from crud.

After cleaning you are ready to put the carburetor back together, using our Autolite 4100 Premium Carburetor Kit.

Autolite 4100 Carburetor Kit
Updated on 12/06/2020

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