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Kit Identification – Holley 94, 2100, AA-1

We stock a full selection of rebuild kits for the Holley 94, 2100, and AA-1 carburetors. These carbs had tags on originally with the carburetor numbers. Some models will have identification markings on the carburetors themselves, but often times we have to compare the parts to be sure of the rebuild kit.

The easiest one to identify is those carbs with the circle 94 on the side

when your carb has this marking you can make a safe assumption that your carb will need our K446 rebuild kit

After that, we’ve put together this guide to help you determine the correct kit.

One of the main variations in these carbs that is very important, is the power valve style. Some models use a power valve with a smooth sealing surface like the one on the left, these carbs are covered by the K446 rebuild kit and K445 rebuild kits. All of the other 94, 2100, AA-1 rebuild kits include a power valve like that shown on the right which has a raised lip around the center.

Most kits use a larger accelerator pump cup, which will measure 21/32″ – 27/32″ in diameter. EXCEPT for the K6087 kit which uses the smaller diameter pump shown in the image below (17/32″)

If you have this smaller pump, you’ll need kit K6087

If your carburetor flange gasket looks like this

you need kit K4426

If your throttle body gasket looks like this

you need kit K6080

All of the rebuild kits for this carburetor type can be found here

Updated on 12/16/2021

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