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Kit Identification – Rochester B

Rochester B carburetors are not stamped with the carburetor number. Numbers located on the carb are casting numbers and won’t correspond with a kit. In these cases we can use the parts to identify the correct rebuild kit.

Rochester B Parts
Rochester B Carburetor Number (numbers on tag only)

The main difference is the accelerator pump which will have a flat pump or round pump shaft.

The kits are here

We recommend the premium upgrade on all Rochester B kits, especially if you need a new float.

For carburetors with the flat shaft it’s K1144


For carbs with a round shaft, the kit is K1141


If you don’t want to take it apart before hand, the universal kit K7037 is the best option, it covers both pump styles.


Keep in mind, if your round shaft pump has a leather cup you will need to order an additional complete pump. To do so, compare the length of your existing pump to those illustrated in our catalog, they can be ordered here.

Complete replacement carb is available here: N228 


Updated on 10/11/2021

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