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Main Discharge Doesn’t Spray (Carter AFB)

When I pump the accelerator the main discharge doesn’t spray until the throttle is partially opened.
One common problem often overlooked is the electrical system. The distributor advance in particular. Make sure it is operating as it should.
A list of possible problems (not in any order):

  • Not enough fuel in the pump well. If the intake check isn’t working as it should it may not be filling in the well. There is an inlet check in the bottom of the float bowl and it has a check ball in it. Take it out and make sure the check ball rattles around.
  • The accelerator pump cup rolled up when being installed. A pump should be twisted in a circle while putting it in the well so it doesn’t curl up.
  • Pump cup has been damaged by ethanol, or some other chemical that is in the gas. We recommend using Ethanol Defender.
  • The wrong accelerator pump was installed. The carburetor kit should be matched up with the carburetor number to insure it is the correct pump.
  • The linkage going to the accelerator pump is loose, or perhaps bent so that it doesn’t push the pump down right away. Operate the linkage and watch the pump action closely.
  • The accelerator pump circuit is partially plugged and gas gets through only with maximum pressure.
Updated on 04/05/2022

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