Marvel Schebler DLTX Adjustments

Preliminary adjustments

Set speed control lever so that throttle valve is open slightly. Make certain that fuel supply to carburetor is open. Close choke valve. Start engine and partially release choke. After engine has been run sufficiently to bring up to operating temperature throughout, see that choke is returned to wide open position.

Idle adjustment

Advance speed control lever to wide open throttle position which will be fast idle or governor controlled idle. Adjust idle ajusting needle until engine runs evenly. NOTE: To enrich the idle mixutre turn the adjusting needle to the left or counter-clockwise.

Load adjustment

To secure maximum fuel economy with tractor pulling load, turn the load adjusting needle to the right, or clockwise, until the power drops appreciably. Then turn the needle to the left, or counter-clockwise, until the engine picks up power and runs smoothly. Due to variations in termperature or fuels, it may be necessary to richen up this mixture by backing out the power adjusting needle, a small amount at a time, until good acceleration is obtained.

If, when load is released, governor closes throttle clear shut, causing uneven running or “hunting” (governor opening and closing) turn the throttle stop screw against the throttle lever stop spring until the hunting is corrected and idling is satisfactory. Normally there is 1/32″ clearance between the throttle stop screw and throttle lever stop spring at fast idle.

Updated on 05/30/2022

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