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Need a rebuild kit? Start here

These are some of the most common questions/requests and our typical responses

What do you need to match a kit?

The carburetor number is the safest and quickest way to identify the carburetor kit.

Where can I locate the carburetor number?

Some carburetors only used identification tags; some have the number stamped into the carburetor as well.

We have a guide here that helps locate the number on many carburetors. Your carburetor is likely covered with numbers, only those identified as an identification number will cross to a kit. Casting and patent numbers will not help.

How do I get a kit if I don’t have the carburetor number?

In these cases, the carburetor has to be taken apart and the parts matched to be sure of the kit. We compare the gaskets, accelerator pump/diaphragm, and needle/seat assembly as well as additional parts depending on the carburetor.

This particular video is for a Rochester 2G, but it is a good example of how we determine the kit without a carb number.

For help matching a kit using parts please send pictures of all gaskets including the flange, and the accelerator pump dimensions to sales@MikesCarb.com

**example of measuring an accelerator pump can be found here

**pictures of additional parts including the power valve and needle/seat assembly are very helpful

Can you identify my carburetor or rebuild kit from the outside of the carburetor?

We can tell you the model of carburetor but cannot identify internal parts or rebuild kits.

Can you match a kit by application?

We can tell you what type of carburetor and kit may have been used on the original application. Please keep in mind there are often several carburetor models, and several variations of those models used on a particular application

**we cannot guarantee kit fitment based on application alone.

Do you guarantee the kit will fit?

If you matched the kit to the carburetor number based on our product listings, yes.

If you purchased a kit based on application, no.

If we helped you match the kit by comparing parts, we will do our very best to insure you are ordering the correct pieces, but we can’t be 100% sure without having the carburetor in front of us.

Updated on 04/10/2021

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