Quadrajet Accelerator Pump

Dis Assembly of the Accelerator Pump Lever

Remove the accelerator pump arm by using a small drift punch and beat the roll pin towards the carburetor air horn. Hold a thin blade screw driver, or something similar between the roll pin and the air horn. This will make moving the pin back in place easier. To remove the pin completely (our kits include a new one), bend up the end nearest the air horn and pull out with a needle nose.

Some applications from 1967 to the late 1970s used a hot idle compensator that was located in the rear of the float bowl (our feature car had the place in the casting, but was not equipped with one). It was used to compensate for an overly rich mixture from excessive fuel vaporization in high-heat conditions. A bimetallic spring that responded to temperature would then open a port and introduce fresh air into the idle circuit to lean the air/fuel ratio. 

Updated on 12/14/2020

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