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Rochester B Universal Rebuild Kit

Need a Rochester B, BC, BV carburetor rebuild kit?

The Rochester B carburetor was rarely stamped with the carburetor number, and given the age of the average B carb, its unlikely you’ll find the tag still intact and attached.

The correct rebuild kit for these carbs are pretty simple to identify if you want to take the time to remove and tear down your carb ahead of time.

If you want to have parts in hand before tackling the tear down process, our universal rebuild kit is the way to go!


This kit contains gaskets and accelerator pump parts to correctly rebuild any Rochester B carburetor.

Please note the acception to our universal kit: some carbs have a round shaft pump with a leather cup. These cups are not replacable and you’ll need to purchase a complete pump in addition to a rebuild kit. Unfortunately we do not have a way to identify which carbs have a leather cup aside from looking at the existing part.

Find all of our Rochester B rebuild kits and component parts here.

Updated on 09/03/2021

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