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Runs Lean at High End, or Lack of Power (Carter AFB)

Runs Lean at High End, or Lack of Power

Look at the plugs. Tan, or brown is good. White, or near white is too lean.

  • Check float level
  • Test the fuel pump. It might be on the weak side.
  • If the engine has been sitting for months then the gas has probably coated the inside of the carburetor with varnish restricting flow.
  • Jet size – You need to think about this. Jets just don’t change that fast. Now if you just replaced the carburetor, then the jets and/or metering rods may need to be changed. If you have been driving with this carburetor, then changing jet size is just covering up some other problem.
  • If you think you need to change jets, or metering rods, try the metering rod 1st. They are easy to change (be sure to put a rag down the carb throat), and the carburetor can be mounted on the car. Measure the existing rod and then pick a rod that has a smaller power size.
  • The carburetor may just be dirty with restricted passages. A cleaning/rebuilding would be in order.
Updated on 04/05/2022

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