Runs Rich or Floods (Autolite 1100)

Signs the carb is running rich or flooding

  • if your spark plugs are running dark/wet
  • if you smell gas coming from the engine at idle
  • if you have fuel coming out the top or vent tube of the carburetor, it’s flooding
  • if you have fuel coming out around the base or throttle shaft of the carburetor, it’s flooding

Many things can cause the carburetor to run rich or flood, start with the troubleshooting list here

  • Needle & seat not closing completely. Test the needle & seat.
  • Fuel leaking around the seat and not through the seat.
  • Float level.
  • Float sticking – pin may be worn.
  • Body warped – very common.
  • If the vehicle sits for months at a time, the the gas may have turned and coated the inside of the carburetor with varnish.
  • The gas tank is dirty and after rebuilding, or replacing the carburetor dirt flushes up to the carburetor. This can happen even with a filter. In this case the there may be dirt in the needle and seat. Try tapping on the fuel inlet part of the carburetor (not so hard you put dents in the carburetor). That might dislodge any dirt, otherwise take the top off and see if there is dirt on the bottom of the float bowl. Inspect the needle and seat for dirt or damage.

Updated on 04/27/2022

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