Solex 44PHN-3 Marine

Solex 44 PHN-3 Carburetor

The Solex 44 PHN-3 is a side draft 1 barrel marine carburetor. A tapered metering needle is fixed in the air valve and its vertical location is determined by the existing vacuum in the valve. These carburetors may be installed as a single unit on the AQ120 or AQ140 engines.

If you took the throttle shaft apart, then slide the shaft through the carburetor body from the throttle arm side. Force the butterfly into the groove in the shaft, and then secure it to the shaft with the two phillips head screws.

Thread the screw covering the accelerator pump nozzle passage into the carburetor body and tighten it just snugly.

Thread the air fuel adjusting screw in place.

Slowly tighten the air fuel adjusting screw until it barely seats, then back it out 4 1/2 complete turns as a preliminary adjustment at this time. This will need to be adjust again once the engine is running and warmed up.

Install the check valve for the accelerator pump. Tighten the valve snugly.

Insert the float valve needle and seat into the carburetor body, and then tighten the needle securely.

Place the float in position with the holes in the hinge aligned with the holes in the brackets. Hold the float in position and slide the hinge pin through the bracket without threads in the hole, then through the hinge, then thread the pin into the other bracket.

Tighten the hinge pin snugly. Check to be sure the float hinge rotates freely on the pin, with no sign of binding.

Mike's Carburetor Electronic Manuals
Updated on 12/14/2020

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