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Throttle shafts and bushings

Throttle shaft bushings are available individually by size. You can find the catalog here.

Which bushing do I need for my carb?

We don’t know, these are a repair part and have to be matched to your carburetor by size.

I have a 2100 (or whatever type of carburetor) which bushing do I need?

We don’t know. There are multiple sizes used on any model of carburetor, you’ll have to match by dimensions.

How do I match by dimensions?

The outer diameter of the throttle shaft should match the inner diameter of the bushing. You’ll have to ream the carb bore to fit the outer diameter of the bushing.

Do you sell throttle shafts?

No, these are not being manufactured new and we don’t have any used ones in stock.

My throttle shaft has movement, can this be fixed?

If the throttle shaft itself is worn, you’ll have to find a replacement. If the bore is worn you can rebush the carburetor to tighten up the shaft.

Can I rebush my carb myself?

This isn’t something we recommend for the DIYer. You can to ream the bore of the carburetor out to fit the bushings and it’s easy to damage the carb. Most carburetor rebuilders will rebush a throttle body even if you don’t what the entire carb rebuilt.

Updated on 04/12/2021

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