Carter W-1 Float Circuit

A float with needle and seat automatically controls the inflow of gasoline. The high speed metering jet gives a much more accurate adjustment of the gasoline.

Carter W-1 Float Circuit
Carter 1 Barrel Float
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The float circuit is important because it controls the height of the gasoline level in the bowl and also in the nozzle. A gaso­line level too high or too low will cause trouble in the Low and High Speed Circuits and make complaints hard to trace.
The float circuit consists of gasoline pressure (fuel pump), needle valve (C), seat (D), needle seat gasket, float and level assembly (A), float bowl (B), bowl cover:, bowl cover gasket, and venthole. (See illus­tration).
The float bowl acts as a reser­voir to hold a supply of gasoline throughout the entire range of performance of the motor. The level of gasoline in the bowl is controlled by a combination of all the above parts.

Carter W-1 Float
Carter Float Circuit
Updated on 04/13/2022

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