Carter WCD Adjustments

WCD Starter Adjustmernt

Carter WCD 2 barrel carburetor starter switch
  • If carburetor is installed on a Dynaflow car, make certain that throttle linkage and dash pot are correctly adjusted.
  • If carburetor is removed from engine, connect a 6 volt battery and test lamp across switch terminal, so that the lamp will light when switch makes contact.
  • Back off throttle stop screw, remove throttle connector rod (T), rotate fast idle cam (U) to slow idle position, if necessary and fully close the throttle valves.
  • While holding throttle valves fully closed, place a scale against choke unloader arem (V) of throttle lever and make an index mark on carburetor body at the one inch division on scale.
  • With ignition switch turned on (or test lamp connected) hold end of scale against unloader arm (V) and slowly open throttle until the drive pinion just engages flywheel ring gear (or test lamp lights).
  • If switch is correctly timed, the scale will then read between 1 15/16 and 2 5/16 at mark on carburetor body (15/16″ to 1 5/16″ travel of arm).
  • If necessary make switch adjustment by reducing or increasing the total thickness of the brass shims.
  • If switch timing was found to be too early, reduce the total thickness of the shims. If timing was too late, increase total thickness of shims.

WCD Fast Idle

Carter WCD 2 barrel fast idle adjustment.
Carter WCD Carburetor Adjustment
WCD Float Adjustment

The image above illustrates adjusting the float using a Carter gauge. These gauges are not available but you can use a metal ruler. Just be sure both pontoons are the same. Make sure the pontoons are centered and when adjusting refrain from bending the pontoons themselves.

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Updated on 04/04/2021

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