Weber Marine Accelerator Pump

(a) illustrates the main discharge hole. This hole will either have a ball and weight, or a ball and spring. Replace with the same combination. Check ball 1st, then either the spring, or the weight. 
Test your accelerator pump circuit as follows:

  • Fill the float bowl with liquid. We use mineral spirits.
  • The accelerator pump well should fill up with liquid.
  • Insert the pump and press down. Liquid should come out of the main discharge.
  • Replace the check ball.
  • Hold the check ball down with a brass drift punch (gently).
  • Again, press down on the pump. You should feel a slight resistance since the check ball is not allowing liquid up through the discharge hole. If no resistance, then gently tap the check ball and the drift punch in order to seat the check ball.
  • Install the venturi cluster and gasket.
  • Press down on the pump again. You should get a good squirt out of the venturi. If not, then the passages are plugged. Use thin wire to clean out the passages.
Weber Marine Accelerator Pump
Weber Marine Accelerator Pump
Updated on 11/05/2021

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