Carter WGD Adjustments

Float Level

Carter WGD 2 barrel carburetor float adjustment

With bowl cover assembly inverted and float resting on pin in seated needle, and with gasket removed, the distance from the bowl cover to the top of float should be 7/64″. Do not depress float lip against spring in needle, but let float rest of its own weight. Adjust by bending lip of float, not float arm.

Pump Adjustment

Back out throttle lever set screw until throttle valves seat in bores of carburetor. Place universal pump travel gauge T109-117S (if you happen to have one as they are not available) inverted on edge of dust cover boss of bowl cover. Turn knurled nut of gauge until finger on gauge just touches top of plunger shaft (A).

The distance from the dust cover boss to the top of the plunger shaft should be 1/2 inch (distance from base to tip of finger on gauge) (C). Adjust by bending throttle connector rod at upper angle (B).

A WGD usually has a pump arm like that of a WCFB (IIRC).  When that is the case, I bend the accel. pump rod until the top of the pump arm is horizontal (or the screw that retrains it is perfectly vertical, if you prefer).  

Metering Rod Adjustment

Carter WGD 2 Barrel Carburetor Metering Rod Adjustment

The metering rods must be installed after the pump adjustment or when leaner than standard rods are installed. No metering rod gauges are necessary. Procedure is as follows: with the throttle lever set screw backed out and throttle valves seated in bores of carburetor, press down on vacumeter link (D) until metering rods bottom at (E). With rods held in this position, revolve metering rod arm (F) until lip contacts vacumeter link. Hold in place and carefully tighten metering rod arm set screw (G).

Fast Idle Adjustment

With the thermostatic coil housing gasket and baffle plate removed, crack throttle valve and hold choke valve closed. Then close throttle. There should now be .018 – .023 clearance between throttle valve and bore of carburetor (side opposite idle port). Adjust by bending the choke connector rod at lower angle (H).

Unloader Adjustment

Carter WGD 2 Barrel Carburetor Unloader Adjustment.

Must be made after fast idle adjustment. Hold throttle valve wide open and close choke valve as far as possible without forcing. There should now be 9/64″ clearance between upper edge of choke valve and inner wall of air horn. Adjust by bending arm (J) on choke trip lever.

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Updated on 01/11/2021

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