YF & YFA Troubleshooting 2

The Main Discharge Has a Weak Squirt

Besides eliminating clogged passages, check ball problems and low Gas you can help the pump by adding washers on top of each spring.

Unlike most pump the YF pump fills the diaphragm housing with gas on the down stroke.

Gas is sent to the main discharge on the up stroke.

You can add a washer to one or both springs to get your desired squirt.

Don’t do this unless the squirt is weak.

Gas is Leaking Out of the Throttle Shaft. I think my float is sticking.

That is possible. A worn float pin, or perhaps the float hinge is too tight.

If your vehicle has been sitting for months, then the gas may have turned and coated the inside of the carburetor, especially the needle & seat.

Turn the carburetor upside down and blow through the inlet. The needle should be closed not allowing any air through. Keep in mind the needle will open with 4-5 lbs of pressure. Blowing too hard will open the needle.

Shake the float to see if there is gas inside.

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Updated on 04/13/2022

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