Zenith Model 33 Rebuild Kits

The Zenith Model 33 carburetors were used on a variety of Continental, Ford, Gordon Smith, IHC, Kohler, Medalist, Onan, Toro, and Wisconsin applications.

This series came with a triangular tag attached to the carburetor under one of the float bowl screws. This tag is the only place you will find the carburetor number.

Model 33 Series Tag Location

When the tag is missing you’ll have to compare the parts in your carburetor to those in the kit to correctly identify it. Do not rely on application as these carbs all use the same base gasket and could easily be swapped over the years.

In these images we’ve broken down the main differences in the rebuild kits to help you differentiate which one you need.

K7065: This kit contains this style needle and seat assembly, and does not have a diaphragm. The K7066 includes the same assembly with a diaphragm.

K7066: includes the same needle and seat as the above K7065 but it does include a diaphragm

K7068: This kit includes a spring loaded needle and seat, and does have a diaphragm.

K7094: This kit includes the spring loaded needle and seat and does not have a diaphragm.

K7096: Includes a diaphragm, this style needle and seat (unique to this kit), and a bowl gasket with straight rectangular openings on the sides. Other kits have a bowl gasket with an ‘L’ shaped opening on the sides.

Other Model 33 parts, including the replacement brass float, is available in our parts catalog here.

Updated on 08/05/2021

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