Motorcraft 4300 4 Barrel Float

Motorcraft 4300 Float

We have recently added the Autolite 4300, 4 barrel float to our catalog. This float has been out of production for several years and up to now very hard to find.

After over a year of development and testing, we now have this 4300 float available for sale.

The original Autolite 4300 float was a Nitrophyl type of float, which were solid floats but it is possible for these to absorb fuel over time. We recommend replacing this type of float anytime you run into them.

There were some aftermarket brass floats used, but we seldom if ever see these.

Our new 4300 float is made of a special plastic material and is designed to have the same weight and shape as the original float and is resistant to ethanol.

If you have a gram scale you can weigh your old float to see if it can be re-used. 15 grams is the perfect weight for the 4300. a gram or two either way would be OK.

The 4300 was used on Ford applications from 1969-1973. In 1974 the 4350 was introduced.

It is easy to get the 4300 & the 4350 floats mixed up, but they have distinct differences. These two floats are not interchangeable.

You can add a new float to your order when you order your carburetor kit. Look below the price to see the checkbox.


4300 float – 15 grams
4350 float – 14.5 grams

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