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What is E.F.E Early Fuel Evaporation

What is an E.F.E? E.F.E or early fuel evaporation system which is also referred to as carburetor heat insulator and electronic fuel evaporator is found in some old internal combustion engines. The main purpose of an early fuel evaporation system is to provide rapid heat to the engine induction and

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Edelbrock 1406 Carburetor

Despite what many may think, carburetors still occupy a special place in the heart of automotive hobbyists. Proof of that is that renowned brands like Edelbrock still invest time and money in launching innovative products like its next-generation AVS2 Series Carburetors in addition to continuing producing legendary carburetors like the

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Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

At Mike’s Carburetor Parts we have talked about injector cleaners before. However, despite the fact that in our previous fuel injector cleaners article. we delved into the theory behind this type of maintenance we did not go beyond that, the theory. That article left an important question on the air.

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How Did Pontiac Get It’s Name?

If you search for the name Pontiac on Wikipedia, the result shows you a now defunct car brand owned by American automaker General Motors, a city in the US state of Michigan and war leader of the Ottawa tribe during Pontiac’s War among others. Let’s start chronologically to get a

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Bobs Carburetor Shop

Recently I was driving through Oceanside California and a sign on a building caught my attention. “Bob’s Carb’s”. The 1st thing I thought was WOW, you don’t see many carburetor shops these days. I was curious about the business so I turned off and went inside. Hi, My name is

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Gas Tank Fuel Gauge

For most original gas tanks, the tank gauge unit is located in the gas tank. The tank contains a float that is attached to a resistance device similar to that used in an electric oil pressure sender. See the resistance unit in the illustration. The travel of the float up,

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