Replacing Carburetor Expansion Plugs

Expansion plugs such as the one you might find on the choke housing will sometimes come loose, fall out, or perhaps you just needed to get inside for a good cleaning. The process explained here is for those types of passage ways that have no fuel such as the choke housing clean out plug.
Carburetor Expansion Plug

Remove dirt or burrs from the seat in the casting. Install the expansion plug with the    dome side outward.







Expansion Plug  Use a round flat end drift to expand the plug. Drive it inward until it is flat. If the plug is driven too far the plug will loosen and will need to be staked.








Expansion Plug This is a properly installed plug with the edge staked over.

Keep in mind that this type of plug is for those passage ways that do not have fuel flowing through it.

You can find clean out plug kits on Mike’s Carburetor Parts web site.

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