Rochester Fuel Filter Installation

I get questions about how the fuel filter installs in the Rochester 1, 2 & 4 barrel carburetor so decided to add this information here.

The Rochesters that does use a filter in the inlet will normally use the bronze type fuel filter, or the 1″ paper filter. A few use the 2″ paper filter. The marine carburetor normally use a screen filter.

These 4 types of filter all install in the same way, but not necessarily the same fittings and gaskets.

Rochester 2 Jet filter assembly. Here is an illustration showing how the filter is installed on the 2G, 2GC, 2GV carburetors. This may not be true on the late 70’s carburetors.
#16 is the return spring.
#15 fuel filter. Usually bronze type.
#14 is a small gasket about the size of the filter and is used to keep the fuel from leaking around the filter. This is not necessary if you use our 1″ paper filter. This filter has a gasket on the end.
#13 is the fuel inlet gasket and there are a couple of sizes to choose from.

2 Jet Filter

Watch a video about the filter assembly.

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