Rochester 4 Jet Accelerator Pump

Old Style Pump With Intake Check

Some pumps used a check ball in the bottom of the pump and fuel was entered through the pump. Today’s pumps are not built this way. The new pump has a different style head and intake gas is fed through the slot on the side of the pump well.

Old Pump is Leather

Leather cups are getting impossible to get now and are replace with ethanol resistant rubber.

Is there a retainer to hold the check ball in the bottom of the pump well?

No there isn’t. Check ball, return spring, pump.

Why Does My Accelerator Pump Fail?

The 4 jet is very hard on accelerator pumps compared to other types.

  • Fuel has little lubrication these days. Use crocus cloth to smooth out the pump well.
Crocus Cloth
  • When the new pump has a leather cup, apply 2 drops of oil to the cup. DO NOT soak it in oil. That will ruin the cup.
  • When the pump has a rubber cup then apply a few dabs of lithium grease to help out the lubrication.
  • You cannot add a rubber cup to a leather cup type of pump.
  • We don’t get a choice between a leather or rubber cup. Kits come with one or the other. It is getting hard to get leather cup made these days, so most come with rubber cups.
Updated on 12/02/2021

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