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Bad BMW Fuel Injectors

Symptoms of Bad BMW Fuel Injectors

BMW vehicles are known for their excellent performance and superb durability but it is also a fact that every vehicle tends to face some drivability issue at some point. Although BMW vehicles are highly reliable and do not break down easily, you can still come across some minor repairs after a few thousand miles. One of the most common issues which BMW drivers face over time is that the fuel injector gets damaged and in this article we will discuss some common symptoms that you might face if you have a bad fuel injector.

What is a BMW Fuel Injector?

The fuel injector has a very important function of spraying the right amount of fuel to the combustion chamber to allow optimal ignition and combustion process. Any issue with a fuel injector can affect the drive quality. Here are some signs you will notice if your fuel injector is damaged.

Difficulty in Starting the Car

If you face problems when hitting the ignition and starting your BMW, it is most likely that your fuel injector needs to be checked. Another sign is that the car makes a certain hiccup sound indicating that there isn’t enough power needed for the ignition.

Trouble Accelerating the BMW

When accelerating while driving on the road if you feel that the engine is misfiring or stalling, it means that not enough amount of fuel is reaching the chamber and this is caused by a faulty fuel injector.

Smoke Coming from the Car

Another common sign of a faulty fuel injector is that dark grey or brown colored smoke can be seen coming from the tailpipe which also has a unique odor. 

Bad Fuel Efficiency

If you notice that your engine is stalling and also the fuel efficiency has dropped significantly, it means that the fuel injector in your BMW has gone bad.

Final Words

Driving with a bad fuel injector can seriously reduce your BMW’s performance and it is recommended to have it replaced as soon as possible. Check out Mike’s Carburetor Parts to find the right fuel injector for your BMW.

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Updated on 11/14/2021

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