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Cadillac Fuel Injection – Checking Fuel Pressure


Relieving Fuel Pressure

This is a must do anytime you remove, or open any injection component.

  • Remove gas cap to relieve any pressure in the gas tank.
  • 4.6L engine require the intake manifold cover be removed.
  • There is a fuel pressure test port which is located on the fuel rail. This test port has a schrader valve and there are two ways to relieve the pressure.
    • Obtain a fuel pressure gauge that includes a relief valve. Hook it up to the port and use the relief valve to relieve the pressure. A fuel pressure gauge is a must have if you need to measure the pressure.
    • Use a screw driver to press down on the schrader valve. Relieve the pressure until nothing comes out.
  • Use a rag, or container to catch any gas that comes out.

Test Fuel Pressure

Shrader Valve

Find the schrader valve

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Updated on 12/08/2021

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