Carter WD-0 531S Carburetor

Carter WD-0 531S Carburetor
1942 Packard super 8 models 160 & 180
Flange : 1 1/4″ dual, 4 bolt style

Carter WD-0 Float Level Carter 541 Carburetor Kit

Float level: 5/32″ – distance from float bowl cover, when needle is seated.
Gas line connection: 5/32″ Weatherhead nipple.
Idle adjustment screw – initial setting 1/2 to 1 1/2 turns open.
Unloader: 3/16″

Metering Rod jet 120-139
Metering Rod: 75-538 (standard), 75-539

Anti Percolator Adjustment
Done after the pump and metering rod adjustments.When the carburetor gets hot and the throttle is closed, the gas can percolate (boil). This is especially true with today’s gasoline, which has a lower boiling point. The Anti percolator can help with this percolation.

Back out throttle lever adjusting screw so that throttle valves seat in bores of carburetor. With throttle valve seated, insert .015″ feeler gauge between anti-percolator stem and lips on anti-percolator arm. Bend lips so that center of indicator lines are just flush with top of anti-percolator plug. Care should be taken so there is an even adjustment made on both anti-percolator tips.

Unloader Adjustment

With the throttle wide open, distance between upper edge of choke valve and inner wall of air horn should be 3/16″. Adjustment can be made by bending tip on fast idle connector link.

Updated on 01/05/2021

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