Carter YH Carburetor Float

YH Float Adjustment

YH Float

Float level is adjusted by turning the bowl top upside down and allow the float to rest on the needle & seat. Do not put any pressure on the float, just let it rest naturally.

Measure the float level from the bottom of the float to the float bowl top (gasket removed).
A bowl vent which leads into the intake bore vents the float bowl so that a vacuum and siphoning action doesn’t occur in the float bowl. Any fuel coming out of the tube indicates a flooding situation.
Test your float for leaks by immersing into hot water. The air inside the float will expand and you will see bubbles from any hole.
The baffle plate is used to keep gas from splashing around when entering the float bowl. While it is best to have one, don’t sweat it if it is missing.
Test your fuel pump for 3 to 4 lbs of pressure. High pressure will keep the needle from seating and cause a flooding situation.
Check to see if the float bowl is warped. An air leak will cause excessive gas usage. Always use a new gasket when removing the float bowl cover.
Updated on 12/10/2020

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