Fuel Injector Repair Kits

One of the most common injector failures are the rubber parts, or O-rings.

What Is a Fuel Injector Repair Kit?

Aside from the fuel injector housing itself, there are other small pieces that are subject to deterioration. The fuel injector repair kit can include a pintle cap, various o-rings, and a filter. Different models of fuel injectors will require a different amount of o-rings and some don’t even need a filter.

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It is important to replace the rubber o-rings. As time goes on, these rings can become brittle and crack. This, in turn, will reduce how well the fuel injector seal is, leading to performance loss. The filter is also another critical component. It is the last line of defense in keeping the fuel injector nozzle from clogging.

What Are The O-Rings For?

Rubber O-rings included in the fuel injector repair kit are use to seal

Should I put anything on the O-rings?

Yes, as small amount of oil will help when installing the injector back into the engine.

When Should I Use an Injector Repair Kit?

Fuel Leak: A sudden gasoline odor can also be a sign of bad fuel injectors. Since the injectors connect to gas lines, any possible cracks in the housing will release gasoline into the air.

Injector Cleaning, or Replacement: Any time an injector is removed from the engine, the rubber parts and filter, if your model has one, should be replaced.

Can I Replace My Injectors at Home?

Yes you can, however we recommend either replacing your injectors, or send them to us for professional cleaning. Some will recommend flushing out injectors with carb cleaner, or some other type of cleaner but that isn’t nearly enough.

Professional cleaning in an injector clean bench balances the full set of injectors. You don’t want your injectors tor spray different or uneven amounts. You cannot do this by cleaning your injectors at home.

Can I Repair Just One Injector?

There may be a reason to do this, like fuel leaking from bad o-rings on one injector, but think about this. If the o-rings are bad on one injector, the others will probably follow. Cleaning one injector will cause an un balanced set of injectors causing a rough engine at idle especially.

What Are the Symptoms of a Dirty Filter?

Keep in mind that symptoms for a dirty filter can also be the same symptoms of a bad injector.

  • Idles rough
  • Hard starting, or under severe conditions won’t start at all.
  • Lean condition when driving. How are the spark plugs burning. White means there isn’t enough fuel getting through.
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Updated on 06/30/2022

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