What is Happening to the Post Office

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I’m seeing more packages shipped by the post office taking more time to deliver than what they promise. The USPS has been saying that they will be giving poorer service to save money and I think that may be what I’m seeing. Now, only the government would try to save money by cutting customer service. That is backwards from a normal business model.

I’m now considering moving most of my shipping to FedEx. Unfortunately that means higher shipping rates, but we need our product to arrive in a timely manner.

Another option might be to give my customers a choice. When they are in no hurry they can select the less expensive USPS, but when they need it in a timely manner they can select FedEx.

Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

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  1. It is right back to the same thing. The Congress has the power to impose constraints and requirements on the USPS that can literally KILL them. It is a major ploy to privatize things. The original founders knew some things about what it takes to protect our country. The only profession protected constitutionally is the free press and the press is being marginalized. The founders also created the USPS because they knew that it was in the interest of the nation to have a reliable system that was out of private hands so that they could guarantee service and security of documents. Thomas Jefferson also said that the two things that would secure the future of our country was the Ward System which we now know as the political precinct system and a free, quality and readily available public education system. He wanted us to keep local politics alive and have learned people making decisions and running their businesses well. They also put very strict limits on corporations to protect us from the creation of an economic (rather than a hereditary) aristocracy. These are all very simple things. It amazes me just how well the 1% has finally reversed all of these very basic things that our country was founded upon.

  2. John Tomasello

    Your comment about the government being at fault for the USPS lowering its service standards might be misdirected. While you are correct about poor service, you need to acknowledge that the business model was fashioned by their competitors who lobbied for draconian business restrictions at USPS when the postal service was “semi-privatized”. They were annoying to deal with when the government actually ran the service, but they did get our letters and packages from here to there cheaply, timely and reliably. We’ll never know if they can compete in “real business” unless the playing field is leveled.
    By the way, an individual business that does a certain level of shipping can contract with UPS and/or Fed-Ex to ship at reduced rates. This is one of the options that their lobbyists made sure the “private” USPS could not do.

  3. Mike, what we have here is a huge governmental interference issue. The Republican lead US House of Representatives has done an end run on the USPS to try to break them and sell it off to the general public (as in FedEx and UPS). The Congress forced the USPS to prepay 75 years worth of retirement benefits over a 10year period. That is breaking the USPS as it would any venture public or private. This means that the USPS is now having to put away benefits for employees who are not even born yet. This is a way to try to prove that the USPS should be privatized. If you think that the mail service is bad now, wait until you see the cost and service that will be delivered should this all be eaten up by private enterprise. The USPS was instituted by our founding fathers for a very good reason and capitalism is trying to kill it. Think of it like cancer. What cancer never realizes is that it keeps taking more and more and more until it kills the host, never realizing that in the end, the cancer kills itself off as well. There are just some things that are better done without the profit motive involved and the USPS is one of them.

  4. I’ve recently noticed that delivery via USPS is very inconsistent. Some are extremely fast (like just 2 days) but many of my recent buys from Amazon have taken 10 to 14 days, not sure how much is Amazon vs. PO delay. I did track one shipment that sat 4 days in the terminal only 10 miles away (incl. weekend). Would have been nice to have it on Friday, certainly expected Monday. Also, our delivery person now just leaves packages on the ground a foot from the street next to my mailbox. UPS always delivers to my door (or leaves on porch) and usually arrives in better condition. That’s my two cents.

  5. p.stanley

    I love the USPS when it comes to getting packages into Canada from the States. It seems to get her pretty fast, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg in customs fees like the private carriers I have used in the past. I feel for the USPS, they can’t run like a private business because they are regulated by the government, yet the funding isn’t there.

    • We do ship a lot of items to Canada and for the most part everything gets there on time. There are those few times when the packages seem to get stuck in customs. One problem we have is that once our package leaves the US, we no longer have any tracking until the package is delivered.

  6. The USPS works for me. But then, I’m rarely in a rush.

  7. Paul Stanley

    I still like the Post Office. I live in Canada and the US Post Office packages come just as fast as the private shippers, and no surprise Customs fees. UPS has given me some major problems in the past. By the way, since you brought it up, the Post Office is in a weird situation. They are “private” in that they aren’t funded by tax payers, but fees are regulated by the government. What business would do that? There are people in Washington who would love the Post Office to fold and go strictly to private firms. If you google republicans + post office, you will get some idea of how they want to kill it. A lot of people wouldn’t care, but if you live in a remote area, good luck even getting service or service at a decent rate.

  8. No worries. Options are always good. If I’m not in a hurry, USPS is fine, albeit slower yet cheaper. If I am pressed for time, I’ll overnight and pay extra. Thanks for offering several options – some sites have limited choices.

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