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Carter WCFB Rebuild Kit Selection

The WCFB was introduced in 1952 and was used through 1967. There are 222 different versions of the WCFB and NONE of them were stamped with the carburetor number.

If you’re lucky and the tag is still attached to the carburetor, you’ll find a 4 digit number with an ‘s’ at the end. Example shown here: 3061S
When the tag is available, simply put the carb number in our search box and you’ll find the corresponding kit.

Numbers like these are casting or patent marks and won’t cross to a rebuild kit.

When you don’t have the carburetor number, you have to rely on matching parts to identify the correct kit.

We’ve created master kits for the WCFB carburetor, easily identifiable by the accelerator pump.

Carbs with a solid shaft pump like this


Need kit K7036


Carbs with an expansion pump like this


need kit K7042


We stock many individual component parts along with rebuild kits. Parts for the WCFB can be found here.

Updated on 09/03/2021

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